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Kawasaki Estrellas in Asia





Estrellas in India

There are a few Estrellas in India, but not many.


Estrellas in Sri Lanka

Here the Estrella of Gihan from Sri Lanka. It is a Japanese BJ250 B2 or B3 Estrella from 1994 or 1995.

Here the Anjelo’s Estrella from Colombo, Sri Lanka. His Kawasaki Estrella is a Japanese BJ250 B4 from 1995. The Estrella is almost original - very unusual.

Here Yoshan’s Estrella from Galle in the South of Sri Lanka. His Kawasaki Estrella should be a Japanese B3 from 1994. The tank is from a D5 Estrella. The bench, lamp, fenders and other things have been changed.

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