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Kawasaki Estrella Models 2006





The history of the Kawasaki Estrella will continue in 2006! Unfortunately no Estrellas will officially be shiped to Europe. Kawasakis japanese Estrella-Sites haven’t totally been updated yet. Therefore I can’t write anything about the enviromental data of the new Estrellas, but I suppose they won’t meet the conditions of the European Euro III standard.

BJ250 C6F
BJ250 C6F
BJ250 C6F

Three different Estrella RS BJ250 C6F version have been designed for 2006. Kawasaki orientated on former Estrella models. The tank of the yellow Estrella looks nearly the same as the one of the C7 from 2001. The tank of the black bike looks nearly like the D7/D8 tank from 2002/03 - but the Estrella logo is white-black instead of white-red this time. The organge tank of the third C6F reminds of the B2 from 1993, but the Logo is different. It’s the same like on many Limited Edition models.

BJ250 D6F

2006 sees only one version of the Estrella Custom BJ250 D6F. It has the same tank like the black BJ250 C6F. So, you can easily mix the D6F up with the nearly identical D7/D8.
Let’s hope that there will be a Limited Edition model in 2006 again. Maybe a BJ250H2?!

24th November 2005
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